Greetings Cards – offline

Currently I am working in Adelaide, South Australia.
My intentions are to move all my art, published books, art cards, greeting cards etc soon.
Due to COVID-19 interstate travel restrictions quick easy access to my Tasmanian storerooms is challenging.

Orders can be processed once I can get clear entry to Tasmania and then move everything to Adelaide.

My hope is to freight early next year.
Sorry for any inconvenience COVID-19 causes. I hope to continue online trading once everything is sorted out during 2021.
Thank you for your understanding.
Pieter Zaadstra

Pieter Zaadstra – Artist

Welcome to my Ateliers!


Pieter Zaadstra

‘Atelier’ means an ‘Art Workshop’

Thank you for your interest in my little world of art and stories.
COVID-19 continues to restrict my creative enthusiasm.
Also I had heart surgery, which slowed me down quite a lot.

Now, in November 2021 I am setting up in a new studio.
A new beginning and a new resolve to do my own thing.
Triple bypass and recovery helps to focus the mind.

Yup! Retired!

Kind regards,
Pieter Zaadstra

0439220 997

Deferred Projects

The Art of Pieter Zaadstra Books

Future Publishing Projects are on hold!

COVID-19 stopped this one, our iconic ‘Kelpie’ dog illustrated!
COVID-19 also stopped the Cattle Dog research for a book of art.

Anyone interesting wishing to talk ‘dogs’ is welcome. You never know, eh?

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