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Welcome to my Ateliers!


Pieter Zaadstra

‘Atelier’ means an ‘Art Workshop’

In our COVID-19 epoch!!! GRRRRRR!
Thank you for your interest in my world of art.

I am working on new international publishing efforts.
‘Show and Tell’ is via the ‘On the Easel’ widgets (coming soon).

Please enjoy my onLine worlds fully SSL secured..

Kind Regards,
Pieter Zaadstra

0439 220 997

New Project in 2020/21

The Art of Pieter Zaadstra Books

Future Publishing Projects!

Our iconic ‘Kelpie’ dog illustrated!
This ‘big job’ joins my storyboard for “The Art of Pieter Zaadstra” books.
Art will be available via the ‘On The Easel” columns.
Details coming…

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