Pieter Zaadstra Artist – Welcome to my atelier in Tasmania, Australia!

Atelier and Art Gallery


Pieter Zaadstra

Atelier Pieter Zaadstra

Atelier and Art Gallery of Pieter Zaadstra, my new online showrooms now fully secured. Thank you for your interest to see the ‘gallery’ progress. The ‘secure site’ is confirmed and SEO development progressing slowly. This web site is under constant development.

All commercial modules assist your purchase of my art. This site is SSL secured.

This site will progressively replace the old ‘Zaadstra‘ web site.

The Zaadstra network of websites are segregating my interest in art. You can participate in my school of art and workshops, you can read flipbooks of my stories and tales, My personal web site that began it all is consolidating as the ‘White Church’ art centre, and then the publishing side of my life is elsewhere. You will be able to enjoy everything as it grows 🙂

The Artist and the Fly Fisher Book of Art is an example of my publishing.

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