Tales of the Atelier – 1


The stories and art from 50 years of atelier life.


Tales of the Atelier – eBook 1

Tales of the Atelier narrates stories about life in a real art studio.

Tales 1

Tales of the Atelier – Volume 1

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A visual diary of Tales about my ‘Ateliers’ during the past 50 years.

An eBook of 100 glorious pages to enjoy at random. An offer especially for my students, students at large, and everyone appreciating creativity. The style is free visual diary illustration with storyboard about the earlier times in a studio devoted to Dutch Impressionism which was then juxtaposition-ed by Expressionism concepts. Great fun! Everything is informative and the art students are rewarded with insights and methods to explore for themselves. Although the old style creative methodology gets a workout too those ideas are advanced in really cool modern substrates like polypropylene. Have a go yourself and narrate your own stories in your very personal visual diaries. There are no rules and nobody ever bothered to write a manifesto about the light in Impressionism. Maybe these tales will be that manifesto for posterity and future artists.


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My Atelier Stories continue in Volume 2 eBook Link

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